Terms and conditions

By registering to participate in Football Fantasy Gaming APP (“Stars League”) you agree to be bound by the following conditions.

Applications and Registration

  1. All requests for participation in the game application must be strictly in accordance with the relevant instructions. No requests will be accepted in any other way. Where your application is accepted, you will become known as the "USER / USERS" in the terms below.
  2. Access to the game open to all around the world.
  3. Free game.
  4. The Stars League reserves the right to suspend and delete teams or tournaments containing team names or league names deemed inappropriate or offensive. Depending on the severity of the situation, the entire user account may be deleted without notice.
  5. If the name of team or the name of UESR is considered inappropriate, Stars League reserves the right to reject it. Any names rejected are changeable on Stars League within seven days. If the alternate name is rejected again, the applicant act will be treated as a breach of terms and conditions.
  6. Any personal information provided in accordance with the Privacy Policy will be governed by the Stars League.

Game rules

  1. The tournament reserves the right to add and amend the rules of game from time to time at its sole discretion in the event of any circumstances beyond its reasonable control arising or where it seems it as desirable to do so.
  2. Stars League will be the only decision maker in any matter to interpret the rules of the game and any aspect of the content.

Awards and Winning details

  1. Awards awarded in respect of the Game ("Awards") shall be in accordance with the discretion of the Stars League from time to time and it reserves the right to change and modify awards without prior notice.
  2. The seasonal award will be awarded to the player who has received the most cumulative points during the season
  3. The prizes consists of a cup kept in the user's trophies section and Stars League reserves the right change those trophies.
  4. The monthly prize will be awarded to the player who received the most cumulative points during the month.
  5. The weekly prize will be awarded to the player who received the most cumulative points during the week.
  6. In case of a tie based on equal points earned by 2 USERS for a particular COMPETITION and PUBLIC/PRIVATE LEAGUES, system should apply the following Business Rules in same PREFERENCE ORDER to declare the winner:
            a) Bank Value
            b) Rank Point in general leagues outside challenges
            c) Spent money
  7. The awards are non-transferable and non-negotiable and no alternative is offered under any circumstances.
  8. Inform winners of their success by auto-generated system email.
  9. The winners will be published in application.
  10. The names and addresses of USER(S) photographs and comments may be used at any time without limitation for the purposes of marketing and advertising in the Stars League in any of the media worldwide without notice.

Message Boards

  1. The Stars League seeks to facilitate a series of discussions for football fans. Premier League does not pre-publish any content posted or posted through message boards.
  2. Because related message boards are relevant, you should understand that when you use the game, you may encounter some content that you find offensive or unacceptable. If you come across this content then you are free to register a complaint regarding it.
  3. If you post any message on the message board then you confirm the following:
  1. Nothing in the letter shall constitute a breach of these requirements;
  2. The message is non-confidential and non-proprietary, and that the Stars League may benefit from this message in any way it deems appropriate and without recognition

4. You are entirely responsible for any messages you post. You must be fully responsible for any losses incurred by Stars League, or any other users may suffer as a result of any messages you post, or otherwise as a result of your use of the Game.

5. Generally speaking, you should ensure that you are only using message boards in order to post messages that are (in reasonable opinion) legal, decent, proper and relevant. For example, you must ensure that you:

  1. Comply with any instructions from the Stars League.
  2. Not to defame, threaten, harass, abuse, or violate the rights of others (whether or not they are users of the Stars League).
  3. Do not post illegal, defamatory, obscene, unacceptable or inappropriate messages;
  4. Do not promote or give unlawful instructions to others;
  5. Do not post any messages that may violate the intellectual property rights or confidential information of others.
  6. Do not post messages containing commercial messages or advertisements.
  7. No one else's identity is impersonated;
  8. Do not use message boards to harvest personal information about others.
  9. Do not contain personal information from others in any messages, unless such use is lawful, or you have their consent.
  10. Do not transmit any viruses or other malicious code.

Please note that Stars League will endeavor to use these conditions to prohibit all such behavior. However, the periodic stars can not guarantee that you will not be exposed to such behavior. If you face it, feel free to complain accordingly by email support@STARSLEAGUE.GAME

6. The Stars League is advised to be cautious in disclosing any personal information about yourself in any message board.

7. The Stars League reserves the right at any time and for any reason whatsoever:

  1. Suspend temporarily or permanently access to message boards.
  2. Delete any of your messages.
  3. Requires any of your future messages to be pre-screened.
  4. Take any further action against your account as it deems appropriate.